Welcome to Cincinnati!

Club Hockey at the University of Cincinnati is taking off. There has been a competitive club at the university as far back at 1970. The current team is in its 7th season. The Bearcats are members of the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA Dll), which according to USA Hockey is the country’s fastest growing segment of amateur ice hockey. There are more than 300 ACHA clubs nationwide, which allows the Bearcats to compete against extremely stiff competition regularly. ACHA teams are self-funded with most teams getting at least some funding support from their schools. Beginning the 2010-2011 season, the Bearcats have joined the Tri State Collegiate Hockey League and will play many familiar Big East foes, as well as a few teams that the Bearcats have never played before! Check out the schedule to see all of the TSCHL opponents!

We are also fortunate to have a great relationship with Bearcast Radio, the University of Cincinnati's student internet radio station. All of our home games (and select away games) are called online so parents, friends, and family members can listen to the game if they can't make it.

Mission Statement:
The UC Hockey team exists to serve student hockey players with a competitive hockey team which they can play for and continue their education simultaneously.

Future Goals:
* Continue to build a reputation for excellence.
* Attract a more diversified player base and increase the overall skill level of the team.
* Continue to rise through the ranks of the ACHA to an NCAA program.
* Becoming increasingly relevant to the entire city of Cincinnati's sports scene.